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Sketch of boy's bracelet


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you have any additional information on the bracelet? I am a costume jewelry collector and usually, not always, able to identify vintage pieces. The dogs on the bracelet appear to be scotties, scotties became popular when FDR was president and the presidential dog was Fala, a scottish terrier. However, the design of the bracelet is puzzling me. You inidicate it is a "plate", is it metal or plastic? Was is attached to a metal bracelet? If you can give me a little more information I might be able to help. Thanks, Kirsten

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Additionaly, is there any information on where the bracelet was found? I am assuming on the wrist of one of the victims as it indicates the item is a bracelet. But from the sketch and photo, it actually appears to be a belt buckle.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Kirsten,

I sent you an answer on July 8, 2010 but I'm not sure you received it (plus, I should have written it here also).

Thanks for your interest.

There is almost no description of the bracelet although in a few articles where it is mentioned, it is almost always referred to as a bracelet. The boys were wearing identical belt buckles so it is probably not a belt buckle.

The only reference that provides any description of the bracelet is the following line near a photograph of the bracelet:

"At top is a plate taken from the bracelet found on the little girl. It shows three dogs."

As you may be aware, it was thought that the children were a boy and a girl until DNA testing in 1998 showed they were half-brothers (same mother, different father). Originally, it was thought they were killed in 1947; more recently, it has been suggested they may have died in 1943. Their ages at time of death are thought to be 5 & 7 or 5 & 8.

As to the type of dog, I thought they might be Jack Russell terriers but you could be correct in suggesting they are "scotties."

I'm sorry I can't give you a better description of the bracelet. I don't know where it is today. I didn't see it at the police museum although it's possible it is there. Also, there have been no recent photographs of it to my knowledge.

Thanks again.

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Blogger skookum said...

the clothes and bracelts are inportant...but there are alot more clues to be seen...

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